Small appetizers

Baked curry prawn croustillant in kataifi dough

2.8 each

Fine de Claire oysters N°3 from the Pleiade Poget oyster farm in Tremblade

5.7 each


Carpaccio of red wild prawns
imperial caviar | soybean | raw milk crème fraîche | chive oil | baked prawn


Two kinds of marinated Finther asparagus
miso mayonnaise | citrus | lime vinaigrette | garden herbs | yogurt


Intermediate courses

Foam soup of garden herbs
poached quail eggs | two kinds of asparagus | croutons


Tristan de Cunha crayfish
fried in Piment d’Espelette
orange fennel | Gouttes de Poivron | lobster bisque


Main courses

Meagre fried on the skin
mashed eggplant | spinach gnocchi | pickled tomatoes | garlic chips | white tomatoes beurre blanc


Leg of rabbit
braised in sage jus
bean cassoulet | stuffed mushrooms | bean puree | small bread dumplings


Veal entrecôte for 2 persons
green asparagus | baked potatoes | celery puree | sauce hollandaise | Perigord truffle jus

48 per person