1870 – 2024

Our restaurant through the ages

Steins Trraube 1870

1870 – 1906

The Steins Traube restaurant has been run by the family since around 1870.

Georg Josef Schmitt was the first owner of the Traube. He lived from 1854-1942. He was never a landlord, but he rented the Traube to two different men.

In 1905, his oldest daughter, Anna Schmitt, started a relationship with wholesaler Adam Stein.

1906 – 1955

When Adam Stein came home from work one evening, the two fathers were sat together and said: ‘Adam and Anna, you will marry and take over the Traube!’.

And so the pub was handed down to the next generation in 1906. The couple had two children: Karl and Änni.

In 1914, Adam had to go to war, and his wife Anna continued running the Traube. Food was only served for parish fair and big celebrations, such as weddings.

Steins Trraube 1906
Steins Trraube 1955

1955 – 1967

In 1955, the couple handed over the entire estate to their grandchild Reinhold Stein, who ran the pub with his mother.

Her son Karl Stein would have been next in line to take over the Traube, but he unfortunately died in 1946 after being imprisoned by the Russians.

Reinhold Stein later married, and from this moment on, the Traube was run by him and his wife Luzia.

1967 – 1989

Reinhold and Luzia Stein tore down the old pub in 1971 and rebuilt it from the ground up, which can be seen today. From this point on, the Traube was purely a restaurant serving food.

Everyone worked together in the family business and the children also helped out. Luzia was in charge of the kitchen, while Reinhold took care of the service.

Out of the three children, Peter decided to start an apprenticeship as a cook.

Steins Trraube 1967
Steins Trraube 1989

1989 – 2019

Peter, who completed his training in award-winning restaurants such as the Tantris in Munich or the Ente in Wiesbaden, took over the family business with his wife Annette.

When they took over, the style of the restaurant also became more sophisticated. Moving forwards there were refined menus, premium wines and the restaurant even appeared in the Michelin guide.

2019 – today

While working as a chef in the gourmet restaurant at the Favorite Park Hotel, he met his wife Alina, who was the restaurant manager at the time.

Philipp and Alina Stein married and took over his parents’ business in that same year.

Since then, Steins Traube has undergone another refurbishment and the new generation has brought change and movement into the business.